Firefighter PB Lite

The Firefighter Pocketbook Lite is a training tool with a full compliment of skill sheets for referencing firefighting skills, a short quiz to test your knowledge, reference flashcards for studying and 6 scene checkoffs for emergency scenes.

4.4 stars on The Google Play Store

Firefighter PB LiteThe Google Play Store4.4

Keep your skills fresh or use this app as a compliment to your academy or training program.

Extensive training

The material has been prepared and verified with NFPA and IFSTA textbooks and includes over 550 practice exam questions and 700 flashcards.

Training for it all

The Firefighter Pocketbook is divided into the following sections: Study-practice quizzes and flashcards, Checkoffs-includes the many types of scenes that an emergency responder may face, with the ability to check off necessary functions, Library-includes a firefighting Reference Term section and a Firefighter Skill Sheets section.

The Firefighter Pocketbook Lite is available for FREE on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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