EMT Tutor Lite

The EMT Tutor Lite presents a practice quiz and flashcard pile alongside over 50 scenarios written for the EMT based on real-life situations.

4.5 stars on The Google Play Store

EMT Tutor LiteThe Google Play Store4.5

The scenarios are intended to be discussion generators for field instructors, teachers, and mentors, or to aid the individual learning process.

Great for discussion

The discussions will expose gaps in the knowledge base and aid in the learning process. It is great for the seasoned EMT or those currently in class. Instructors can use these to take students through clinical practice or to aid in the development of EMT classes.

Upgrade available!

There is also an in app upgrade available for the full EMTutor which also includes over 1000 multiple choice questions, 1000 flashcards, Skill Sheets, and Differential Rule-outs.

The EMT Tutor Lite is available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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